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Dark Waters: The First Solo Exhibition by Miko Colon

Dark Waters will be the first solo exhibition by Atlantic City street photographer Miko Beach also known as The Moon Beast. This exhibition marks Miko's tenth year as a photographer and serves as a reflection of his experience as an Atlantic City artist and resident.

The photographs featured in this exhibition will explore lightness, darkness, and the various shades that exist in between. The photos – all black & white – play with different perspectives and textures in order to display a more complete picture of Atlantic City’s landscape. With his artwork, Miko demonstrates powerfully his love for Atlantic City, despite its imperfections and challenges. In the story woven through these photographs, he aims to illuminate the city’s beauty and spread light in a dark place.

“During the last several years, I’ve focused on building my businesses in Atlantic City, which has left little time for my art and photography. I started to give some thought to developing a solo exhibition, and what excites me most is the prospect of taking this show on tour. I plan to open in Atlantic City, travel to several cities and communities through the country, and return to Atlantic City to close the exhibition. I look forward to sharing my story as a street photographer in Atlantic City, and I hope to shed some unique light on the place I choose to call home.” 

– Miko Beach



Dark Waters : Learning How to Swim

In addition to Miko's debut solo exhibition he decided to format his collection of photos into a book. These photos are paired with poetry, quotes and writings that were written over the past 10 years. In this book you can dig a little bit deeper into Miko's experience documenting Atlantic City & his journey of self discovery.


Dark Waters Exhibition at the Noyes Gallery inside The Claridge

Pieces available for purchase

Each piece has a 12x18 photo printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Lustre paper in a 18x24 black wood frame. They are available for $200 + shipping and handling. To inquire send an email to